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Music and culture reviews are organized throughout the year in S. Egidio del Monte Albino; we particularly recommend ViviCultura and I Cortili della Storia.
The Gigli di Nola, the Patronal Feast of S. Giovanni Battista and Angri and the Feast of the Madonna delle Galline in Pagani are, on the other hand, three very important parties organized in the villages that can be reached immediately from the hotel.

The Lilies of Nola
According to pagan tradition, large sacral trees, probably symbols of fertility, are carried in procession for good omen in the summer solstice period, hence the feast that takes place a Nola in honor of S. Paolino, during the first week month on June.

Patronal Feast of St. John the Baptist
It is held in Angri during the week which includes June 24th. It has its roots in the first decades of the 17th century following various natural disasters. It recalls the crowds of the Nocerino-Sarnese countryside and the entire Vesuvian area, for the exceptional fireworks competitions, the magnificent lights, the characteristic fire of the tower and the intervention of the most popular national band concerts.

Feast of the Madonna delle Galline
The Madonna delle Galline, on the other hand, takes place the week after Easter and comes from another tradition prior to Christianity which was later converted, that of the goddess Lamia. According to Christian tradition, in the sixteenth century, one day of the octave of Easter (Domenica in Albis), some chickens scratching the ground drew a tablet painted with the image of the Madonna del Carmelo; the sanctuary was then built. To remember the ancient event it is carried in procession by a statue of the Virgin (not the original tablet kept in the church); the faithful offer the Madonna poultry (chickens, geese, pigeons) decorated with ribbons. In the afternoon, pilgrims perform in traditional tammurriate.

Experience Culture
Sant’Egidio del Monte Albino is a town surrounded by woods, oaks, ash trees, wild boars, pheasants, fragrant lemon and orange groves, but the thing that now makes it certainly unique is the desire to host actors, writers, singers, musicians and intellectuals for a twelve day party.
The organization of the ViviCultura event promoted by the municipal administration of Sant’Egidio recalls the city of Mantua during the days of the Literature Festival. In fact, from 3 to 15 September, writers and artists are hosted by the inhabitants of Sant’Egidio and the country stops under the banner of culture.
Among the participants: Roberto Saviano, Giampiero Mughini, Raffaele Nigro, Giovanna Bandini, Paola Gasmann, Catherine Spaak, Caterina Guzzanti, Lino Banfi and many others.

Courtyards of History
It is organized by the pro loco annually on the third weekend of September, in the ancient historic center.
Among the events taking place in Sant’Egidio, it is certainly the most important and the one with the highest cultural value.
By combining culture, popular traditions and folklore, in a few years it has reached the honors of regional attention with publications in magazines, magazines, newspapers and internet portals dedicated to cultural tourism.
In the two days of the event, appearing in period costumes, they parade in the enchanting scenery of the village and the sixteenth-century courts and recall moments of everyday life, arts and crafts.
Within the event, the participants propose the tasting of dishes prepared with typical local products, such as fusilli and sciuanelle pasta, citrus jams.
The visitor, accompanied by songs and music, makes a real journey into the past, admiring the urban and artistic beauties of a village that has remained intact over the centuries.

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