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Memorable itineraries

Thanks to the strategic position of the Hotel, it is possible to follow memorable itineraries.
We offer an exclusive and high-class service that accompanies our guests at
the main naturalistic, archaeological and historical attractions of the area.
Expert guides of the area and its hidden beauties will take you wherever you want.

Unforgettable landscapes

Stroll, close to heaven. An itinerary, that of high altitude walks, particularly welcome by tourists who love trekking and unspoiled natural areas. The geological conformation of the nearby Amalfi Coast gives the visitor an extraordinary panorama.

  • Salerno 23 Km - Vietri sul mare 20 km - Ravello 20 km
  • Cetara 24 km - Maiori 21 km - Minori 22 km
  • Atrani 26 km - Amalfi 27 km - Positano 45 km
  • Sentiero degli Dei 37 km

Cultural beauties

From art to archeology: a journey through the areas which retain clear traces of a pluri-millennial history, of the passage of populations and different cultures.

  • Scavi di Ercolano, Oplonti, Pompei e Stabia
  • Aree Archeologiche di Paestum e Velia
  • Reggia di Caserta, Palazzo reale e San Leucio
  • Napoli: Centro storico e dintorni

Sin of gluttony

Campania can boast one of the oldest and richest culinary traditions of the entire world gastronomic panorama. A tour in the Campania cuisine, which is not only Naples, but is a cheerful, bright art and varied, made of simple and rich in fantasy dishes.

Sacred and profane

Live with us the experience of the main religious and popular festivals in the area between
Vesuvius and the Amalfi Coast.