From Sottovento to Greek Temples

This itinerary starts from S. Egidio del Monte Albino and then develops along the Statali 18 and 447; allows you to visit the two large archaeological areas of Paestum and Velia.

Do not miss, in Sant’Egidio del Monte Albino, the Rustic Villa of the second century. BC, the Roman sarcophagus (III century AD) and the Abbey of Santa Maria Maddalena from the century XVI – rebuilt on a Roman pre-existence (still visible) of the XI century

The Statale 18 which is located along the coast of the Piana del Sele offers the opportunity to admire the splendid Temples, among the most beautiful and best preserved of classical antiquity: Temple of Neptune, Tempio Italico, Tempio di Cerere, the Paleochristian Basilica, the Museum, the Sanctuary of the Hera Argiva.

The Archaeological Area of ​​Velia offers a visit to the Acropolis, the thermal baths, the Lower City and its four gates; in particular we point out the Porta Rosa which is one of the most beautiful buildings of this kind.

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